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Propose developnment and deployment of IMLS E-Campus for Digital Libraries

  • Open access plus fee-based courses (CE)
  • Delivery mechanisms:
    • Premises:
      • Full array of delivery mechanisms depending on content and student preferences/capabilities (full course management environment to Pod casting)
      • Temporal and geographic independence
  • Partners
    • University of Washington iSchool
    • University of Washington Educational Outreach
    • Cornell University Library
  • Contents
    • Short workshops
    • Focused materials
    • Courses:
      • Graduated levels of expertise
    • Interviews/conversation (alt. delivery--e.g., Pod casting)[Diane's note: emphasize that I hav a background in radio and an undergrad degree in TV/Radio]
  • Global stable of experts
  • Use technologies that form the basis of practice
  • Discuss production values
    • Provide for contributions based on presentations in the field etc.
  • Metadata for it all
  • Blogs, RSS

Action item: Diane will draw up proposed list of interviews

  1. Introducing SKOS: Alistair Miles
  2. Whither Semantic Web?: Tom Baker
  3. Automated Metadata Creation: Steve Mitchell
  4. Creating Project Documentation: Norm Friesen
  5. Aggregating Cultural Heritage Information: Tim Cole
  6. Crosswalking: How Hard Can it Be?: Jean Godby
  7. Envisioning Digital Library Users: Anita Coleman
  8. What We Still Need to Learn about Search and Retrieval: William Moen
  9. Application Profiles: Rachel Heery

Action item: Stuart will have first draft by Nov. 1

Possible letters of support:

  1. Dave Lankes
  2. Anita Coleman
  3. Ingrid Hsieh-Yee, Catholic University
  4. Sherry Vellucci
  5. Marty Kurth (Current CEIG chair, has agreed to review proposal and support)
  6. Other University Librarians/Public Librarians (people who manage people who need this stuff to move along)
  7. Lee Leighton/Bob Wolven
  8. Roy Tennant
  9. Ask Rebecca or Marie about LC support (Marty suggests John Byrum--Marty will let them know that we have a proposal coming along)
  10. Ask Mary Woodley for suggestions

References to supporting material: