Annual Meeting Announcement

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Draft Annual Meeting Announcement

Audience: New Registry Work List, NSDL_All


As some of you have heard, one of the NSF/NSDL service awards this year went to a project entitled: "An NSDL Registry: Supporting Interoperable Metadata Distribution" (co-PIs: Stuart Sutton and Diane Hillmann). This is a very exciting project, providing possibilities we began thinking about at the 2004 Vocabulary Workshop. We believe strongly that this Registry will allow the NSDL to move forward into improved interoperability within (we hope) a relatively short period of time.

We have already begun moving forward with the work and expect to report to (and get feedback from) interested stakeholders at the Annual Meeting. To that end we've arranged a meeting on the Thursday of the Annual Meeting (11/17), at 5:00 pm in the Lawrence A Room of the Westin Tabor. At this meeting we intend to do the following:

  • Brief interested projects on our goals and timetable for the Registry
  • Describe opportunities for projects to participate in the development of the Registry
  • Collect feedback from prospective Registry users and participants on their needs for Registry functionality

We'd like those who intend to come to the meeting and/or believe that they'd like to participate in the Registry development to do the following:

  1. Take a look at our new Registry site
  2. Review the Use Cases and Functional Requirements developed specifically for this project (located on the Public Wiki)
  3. Fill out our brief survey

We're looking forward to working with many of you to make the Registry real!