Apr. 12, 2006

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Telecon, Wednesday, April 12, 2006

1. Progress on Jon's check

  • Stuart reported that discussions with JES&Co should have resulted in a check being in the mail.

2. Review Agendas for 4/26-28/2006

  • Stuart will add material on the goals for the meeting and what should be the outcome. Some of that will come from the IMLS proposal.
  • Stuart will talk to Diny about what the needs are for providing the NEA what they need and integrating their goals with what we are doing. Some issues are coming up with some of the test states that the NEA is corralled.
  • Diane will gather together some NSDL annotation resources and link or add to the wiki in anticipation of the Thursday meeting.

3. Update on progress with the Registry (Jon)

  • Jon is frustrated with his progress but anticipates movement soon. Registering users and agents is in there, as well as top-level vocabulary.
  • Diane discussed the work she's done with the files for NSDL Ed Level and NSDL Learning Resource Type, and how useful that has been. She will send Stuart updated files to be put up on the site.
  • We agreed that the extensions we need will be declared locally and taken up with SKOS later.