Apr. 19, 2006

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Agenda and Notes, Teleconference, Wed., Apr. 19, 2006

1. Review of progress on Registry (Jon) demo

  • Decision: Jon will make the rdf available using Alistair's cookbook. Default will be to fragment, with a button to the full rdf.
  • Discussed the purl.org issue, we agreed to stick with metadata-registry for now.
  • By the time we finish the grant we need to "institutionalize" the domain, which is now under Diane's name.
  • Stuart suggested some additional structure in the URIs to accommodate additional information. Came up with "registry" as an interim piece.

2. Updates on Seattle meetings. See: Agendas for 4/26-28/2006

  • Have Ryan and Damon seen the agenda for Wed.?

3. Update on paper (Diane)

  • Final bits