Aug. 17, 2005

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Agenda and Notes for Telecon, August 17, 2005

Present: Stuart, Diane, Ryan (Jon on vacation)

1. Reports. Stuart gave Ryan's report: A spare server has been found for the DCMI Registry iteration, it has a bad hard disk but a new one has been purchased. Diane suggested that Ryan check with Jon before installing, because he's installed before. Stuart suggested that some of this might be a function of the UNIX/Windows differences. Diane suggested that Jon and Ryan keep notes on the wiki about installation issues. This is a new machine and will be dedicated to the Registry.

2. More on the issue of who will administer the Cornell portion of the grant--we seem to be back in the Library (which will make Jon happy--he didn't really want to work for CS again). Diane has intiated a meeting with the Library folks most involved, with Bill, to try and set up the admin agreement. We might discuss the use of the $18,000 server budget as a way to sweeten the deal.

3. We have a workspace on the NSDL CommPortal, with the understanding that when the CommPortal goes away in six months (that's what they're saying, but I'm not counting on it) we'll have to move with the other workspaces. See: -- right now it's just the same stuff on the non-public wiki front page, but Diane is working on a site map for both. She will set up a mailing list as soon as we're ready.

Diane and Stuart talked about setting up some content management with Zope/Plone with PURLs so we can put up our documents and link from the wiki (making them easier to manage). Diane will add the sitemaps to the wikis as a top level navigation, and place to link the other pages from.

4. What's the plan for a public announcement? Obviously we need to wait for something from NSF, but we should be ready with something for right after that. Diane would like to make sure that Cornell also comes up with something, a press release or whatever, which we should write to make sure it's correct.


  • Press release (Stuart)
  • Cornell press release (Diane will talk to the Library PR person)
  • Internal: WBR, with links to press releases and the wiki
  • Email to all projects: NSDL-ALL. Provide a link to data gathering instrument (Stuart has a tool that we can use). Questions about home-grown vocabularies, publicly available vocabularies used. What's missing? Diane will make a space on the wiki-map for discussion of questions.

6. Diane asked Donna Cummings for an Annual Meeting time of Thursday at 5:00. She has to talk to the relevant committee but we're one of the first requests so we should get what we want. We should start talking about what we'll want to do there and who should attend.

Diane will set up the mailing list as soon as we're official, and will add our current supporters to the list and have them help us set up the meeting and its agenda.

7. Use cases: Stuart reiterated his intention to add some use cases from the SKOS documents to the wiki for us to fluff up.

8. Bibliography: Stuart will ask Oknam to create a bibliography that we can link to from the wiki.