Aug. 24, 2005

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Agenda and Notes for Telecon, August 24, 2005

  1. Update on installation of DCMI Registry software.

Ryan got the new hard drive on Monday, he will install OS on that server, then the software. Ryan will enable Jon to get in on the software. Estimate, sometime next week.

  1. Discussion of whether we want to continue the approach that Harry took for the software which is, in Jon's humble opinion, fragile. Especially from a distribution and support perspective.

None of us have installed the software, but when Jon looked through the software he noticed a lot of older java libraries which are difficult to keep stable. There are a lot of interdependencies, common to a lot of java deployments. This might be an issue we should address earlier rather than later. Agreed that we should look carefully at all aspects once the software is installed and make some careful decisions about what to keep and what to jettison.

First steps are for Jon and Ryan to analyze and document the issues we need to confront.

  1. Functional requirements

Diane would like to move some of the requirements-like parts of [] to the public wiki and continue to build so that it might be a point of discussion in Madrid. Diane and Jon will work on it while Stuart is away.

  1. Multiuser blog setup for use in Spain?

Diane would like to set up a blog for us, that can be used to help us a) maintain interest and excitement about the project, and give us a public space to discuss registries in general and invite comment. (More

  1. Some formalization and common understanding of roles of phoenix wiki, comm.nsdl wiki, Plone cms, Phoenix server, eg2 server

Phoenix wiki: Server itself is Jon's space, wiki is there but could be somewhere else. Will be used for other projects, primarily CRS. For us, it's a scratchpad, to manage our ongoing work.

Plone CMS: Permanent website with a Content management system operating under it. Handles authorization and authentication stuff for us. URLs managed with PURLs so things can be moved. Manages documents for CommPortal Registry site, so that when it moves we have fewer problems. We might also look at having it handle some aspects of the registry itself, particularly when versions are needed.

CommPortal wiki: We could use the Plone CMS as the backend, with the NSDL Registry as a front page. This would allow us to keep editing limited but allow discussion for each of the pages. For next time Ryan will do a demo of the Plone CMS so Diane and Jon can use it.

eg2 server: Just where Ryan has implemented Plone.

Ryan says that there are three different blog products, he will work with Jon to figure out where it can be installed, and inform Diane and Stuart.