Dec. 1, 2005

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Telecon Dec. 1, 2005

Review of timelines:

Nov. 30:

  1. Determine data store and RDF Libraries (Ryan & Jon)

Ryan has been working on setting up the data store, using RDFlib (?) which has a couple of backend databases that could be chosen. This will show what the architecture will look like and what pieces are needed. Ryan set up Jon as a user on this, and gave him a URL, username and password. He will make a link from Jon's home directory to that 'product' directory (which is a plone term).

Ryan considers this item essentially done.

  2. Set up 'sandbox' for initial ingest testing (with Oknam's vocabularies) (Ryan & Jon)

This part is essentially done, at the RDF store level. We still have to determine what the architectural pieces are, what products are needed, etc. Some of this is waiting for data elements for agents and top-level vocabularies.

  3. Test queries on ingested data (Ryan & Jon)

Some ideas for testing queries are included at the end of the Functional Reqirements document. Ryan thinks we might be able to do test queries by next week.

  4. Determine needs for management information about Agents and Vocabulary Descriptions (Diane & Stuart)

Action item: Jon will take a first pass at agent elements; Diane will look at the old DCMI vocabulary registration and take a crack at top level vocabulary elements. We will look at foaf and vcard for some initial stabs at the agents. Jon and Diane will have draft data elements available by the next call.

Will use the Plone CMFmember for agent registration.

  5. Draft versioning policy (Diane & Stuart)

Diane put the draft policy on the public wiki. Action item: Diane will send a message to the registry worklist asking for comment and reminding people to fill out the survey.

  6. Communication strategy

Action item: Stuart will ask Ryan to initiate a call with Jon, to come up with a communication strategy for the two of them to work more closely on the technical side.

  7. Other

Action item: Stuart will get Diane a netid at UW so she can get into the survey results. Action item: Diane will ask Mary Marlino about DLESE status, in ref. to vocabularies and perhaps their data.