Dec. 21, 2006

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Agenda & Notes, December 21, 2006

1. Follow-up on last weeks' discussions:

  • Update on moving the blog, improving the Registry site (Jon) [Diane will distribute a proposed sitemap]
    • Jon discussed some of the things we're working on to improve the site and we looked at the sitemap. We discussed our priorities for moving forward, both before and after the Seattle meetings, and agreed that the site improvements could wait until after the Seattle meetings. Stuart will go back to Jon's docs and comment before Jon gets started with building in change management.
  • Update on working with the Library on the new grant proposals (Diane)
    • Diane and Jon will meet with Marty after the new year to prepare for the Seattle meetings. Stuart and Diny are working to schedule a meeting with Lee.

2. General discussion on DC-Conference issues

  • Streaming video, podcasting, etc.
    • Similar issues with where information "lives" come into play with the new documentation contract and the conferences. One challenge will be to fulfill the vision of "Using Dublin Core" to be the entry point to DC documentation.
  • Should we be setting some milestones to be able to demo some of the AP features in Singapore

3. Planning for our Seattle meetings

  • Agenda started
  • Participants: Stuart, Jon, Diane, ??

4. Planning for our DC2007 paper (early April deadline). Some ideas:

  • Change management
  • Registering Application Profiles
  • Considering collaborators (Sam Oh? Alistair?)
    • Jon will start a conversation w/Alistair about collaborating on the DC2007 paper. Stuart might talk with Sam about something else.

5. Adding the DC Type vocabulary to registry

Stuart explained how his work on the article showed how DCMI in its registry is in some ways using the kind of change management we're talking about, but not explicitly. DCMI requires that even unchanged stuff be repeated. Once we have change management in, we can model the DCMIType list changes in the sandbox to demonstrate to DC how we're thinking.

6. Report on versioning article (Stuart)

  • Working with Joe on an ASIS&T paper, where he has been framing the DC issues. It has been passed off to Joe for the pieces about FRBR and other models.