Dec. 6, 2006

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Agenda & Notes, Dec. 6, 2006

1. The usual naggy stuff:

  • Report on Registry Blog, which is still down (Stuart)
    • Note that Jon actually put his stuff on his own blog
    • We need some better reports on "upness" (Jon)
  • Report on Mirror and intermediary issues (Stuart & Jon)
    • Last week: Stuart reported that there was one little problem yet, weather problems had prevented getting things finished.

Stuart discussed the server problems at UW and how we might address them. It may be that the blog and main site will be moved to the site.

  • Updates on discussions for new NSDL proposals (Stuart & Diane)
    • Diane reports that the action item from last week, modifying the first paragraph of the "two pager," was completed and sent to Stuart on Friday.
  • Note that the front page of the Registry now includes the new "Step-by-Step Instructions" and a link to the DC2006 paper (thanks to Jon)

2. New Items

  • Report on UK Education Metadata meeting earlier this week (Diane)
    • Diane got a chance to talk to the group about the Registry and other ideas from NSDL.
  • Report on discussion with Tom Wed. morning on DC documentation and need for "institutional repository" (Diane)
    • Tom hadn't thought about the need for a repository for much of the accumulated documentation linked from the website and associated with the conferences.
  • Report on discussion with Mike Luby on possible registration of BISAC vocabularies on the Registry (Jon)
    • We suggested that he read the paper (and distribute it to the ONIX people) and try out the Sandbox.