Dec. 7, 2005

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Telecon Dec. 7, 2005


1. Data model for agents

Action item: Diane & Jon will look again at foaf--apparently some stuff was missed. foaf doesn't do regular addresses, should use vCard or info-uri organisation-address.

Action item: Diane will add descriptive information for each element and URIs.

2. Elements for top-level vocabulary (vocabulary description) registration

We will need a namespace for the top-level vocabulary terms. Need to determine whether and how we version the top level vocabulary description itself. We may need use cases around this: change in URI or change in maintenance agency at the vocabulary description level.

3. Review functional requirements on search (External User Interactions) to clarify distinctions between "search" and "browse"

The bullets under external user interactions describing search fluctuate between searching schema and vocabulary descriptions and actual entities. Obviously we can't test searching of schemas until we have some. Also questions about browse: where's the starting point for browsing?

4. Establish a short-term process for reviewing/modifying current functional specification

Stuart would like to develop a process for reviewing the requirements on successive calls. He will begin by annotating some of the pieces.

5. Discuss use of CMFMember

Ryan will attempt to set up an instance of CMFMember.

6. Discuss December milestone #3

An attempt to figure out what that milestone meant, resulted in an agreement to go offline.


Ryan and Stuart have been adding some Plone Product information on the page with functional requirements, which will be augmented, but Jon and Diane should review.

Next call will be Thurs. the 15th, regular time.