Feb. 1, 2006

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Agenda and Notes, Telecon, Feb. 1, 2006

1. Are we using purl.org or purl.oclc.org? Both appear in the SKOS representations that Oknam did.

Stuart will ask Oknam to change them all to purl.org, even though there doesn't seem to be a substantive difference.

2. Report from Jon.

He's working on a task list based on starting user registration for both the Registry and the MMS and having something to show at the end of the month.

3. Discussion of the data needed for the UIUC reports. Diane will have some files for Diny and Stuart to look like at WebWise, so we can figure out what the evaluations should look like. Diane will look at some of the old NSDL evaluations from Cornell Metadata Services. Stuart will look for their collection data and from where their search portal is, because he thinks he saw audience data in a search. We'd like to have enough information to ask questions of the UIUC folks before WebWise if possible.