Feb. 26, 2007

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Agenda and Notes, Monday, Feb. 26, 2007

1. Review of progress on proposals

2. Letters of support--who shall we ask? (New Proposal)

  • Johannes Ruscheinski (iVia)
  • Diny, for GEM Exchange?
  • Bill Arms?
  • NSDL projects and pathways using the sandbox?
  • ENC/Kim Lightle
  • Stuart Chalk/Chem
  • Laura Bartolo/MatDL

3. Letters of support--Extension? Do we need additional letters?

  • I have the name of the OCLC Terminology Services person who might be interested in working with us
  • Tom Baker, both in his role as W3C WG chair, and as DCMI documentation guru?

4. Short discussion of what we intend to do in Barcelona, regarding registration of APs

  • A functional walk-through of how we would register and manage AP information
  • How we would output APs in various flavors, machine readably
  • How would the machine readable AP be used?
  • How would export for humans work? Output for HTML pages, etc.