Feb. 7, 2007

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Telecon Agenda and Notes, February 7, 2007

1. Proposal tasks begun or completed:

  • Diane has begun the process of getting Cornell to allow us an off-campus overhead rate (memo sent to library financial officer)
  • Diane has contacted the CUL sponsored program officer, and notified her that we'll be doing the extension and new proposal
  • Diane has contacted Karen Henry to get her ideas on needed services
  • Diane has spoken to Elaine Westbrooks from the library about getting costs for human evaluation and setting up transforms
  • Stuart has a call with Diny later today which includes a conversation about talking to Lee Z.

2. Proposal tasks to do

  • Determine where draft needs more work
    • Articulate the "hub" idea and the other services can be exemplars (Jon will start?)
    • Integrating the Ockham Registry in as the services registry portion (Jon)
    • Need a new name for this: Metadata Services Coordinator?
    • Services to teachers, including GEM (Stuart)
  • Figure out what kinds of harvesting services are they interested in [see WBR#109 for discussion about what the NDR thinks it's doing] (Diane will ask Karen)
  • Flesh out more fully the services we plan to propose [Question: should we shift focus more towards educational issues or keep things general?]

3. Set milestones and task assignments

  • Support letters (need better narrative and summary before soliciting) by early March?
    • iVia
    • Liz
    • Kim Lightle?
  • Budget
    • Check benefit rates and salaries for me and Jon, feed to Stuart for budget, also raises, changes in rates, etc.
    • Stuart will ask Alpha to ask NSF about limits on renewals, etc.