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Use Cases for Interactions Between Registries

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This page includes use cases (interpreted loosely) of the kinds of things registry projects see as helpful or essential in terms of interactions between their efforts and those of others.

NSDL Registry

External Service Interactions

  1. Possible external service relationships, with interactions:
    • With other Registries:
      • 'Slurp' vocabulary terms for display (but not updating); may be accomplished via web services or harvesting, scheduled or on-demand
      • 'Metasearch'-style federated search of other registry data, for discovery, display, linking, etc. May include some interactions to enable other registries to note 'usage' of vocabularies by NSDL Registry users or relationships between vocabularies held in separate registries
    • With Organizations:
      • Harvest or 'slurp' appropriately encoded vocabularies from non-Registry systems held by Organizations. These interactions can be scheduled, manual on-demand, or initiated by the Organization based on their update transactions
      • Notification of transactions on Organization-owned vocabularies
      • Notification of use of Organization-owned vocabularies by external users, primarily via registration of Application Profiles

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