Jan. 10, 2007

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Agenda & Notes, January 10, 2007

As previously agreed, the meeting will begin at 3:00 p.m. EST (Noon, PST).

1. Registry Blog is back. Please post!

Everyone is urged to prepare a post for the re-implementation. Jon will send a note to the Registry Community. Diane will do the about page and the blogroll. Stuart and Joe will put something in from their paper, and ask Tom to comment about it.

2. The NSF Solicitation

  • Issues:
    • Should we apply for the Registry extension and the new grant under Services? [Diane will run the numbers to see if Jon and Diane could do part time with benefits and 26%] Write Stuart in as a no-cost advisor. Stuart will ask Lee how we should handle that. Write it all as salaries, with one trip. We should talk to the Library about that. Also need a list of new deliverables. Jon and Diane will talk to Tom about how to include his ideas for templatable APs as part of the extension.
    • What do we need from Marty to include them? Diane: costs for the Metadata Services Unit, costs for hosting a server? What is their obligation after the grant runs out? Sustainability questions should be addressed. Would they absorb this into their infrastructure to support their projects. Should it be built to be replicated, so Cornell could have its instance, and others support their own?
    • Instead of writing up the Services to teachers and students as a separate service, use it as an example of how the other services will operate.
    • Include GEM data as part of the proposal as a critical client and an entre into the school systems.
    • Provides value back to Pathways and other partners--emphasize this!

Cornell will lead.