Jan. 3, 2007

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Agenda & Notes, Jan. 3, 2007

1. Discuss Spotfire application--license expires on Jan. 10 and we need to move renewal versions to UW machine--Stuart

Stuart has renewed but has shifted the licenses to some UW machines until he finishes with the UIUC evaluation.

Stuart has passed the JASIS&T draft to Joe and it is in his court. A final-ish draft will be forwarded to Jon and Diane when put together. Since Stuart also talks about DCMI's versioning practices he will run it by Tom as well. Stuart also will send something out for public consumption, on the Registry list since the blog is "unwell." Jon will send a note to the list about the blog status.

2. Update on "upness"--Jon

We've subscribed to a new service that will ping the site and keep track of response times, uptimes, etc., from various places in the world. This is much better than the free service we had been using. It's called "PingDom" ...

3. Updates on Registry tasks--Jon

4. Planning for our Seattle meetings

  • Agenda started
  • Need to set specific times
  • Participants: Stuart, Jon, Diane, ??

There is not yet a date set for the meeting with Lee, but they may end up doing a WebX session instead (Diane suggests it be recorded). Diane is setting up a meeting with Marty and Jon for next week.

5. Other issues? (DCMI conference, etc.?)

Some general discussion on the conference issues ensued, as well as a short discussion on the documentation work Jon and Diane are proposing.

Next week's call will also be at 3:00 at Diane's request. Joe will be late, and Stuart will try and call him at 3:15.