July 12, 2006

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Agenda & Notes, July 12, 2006

1. Action items from last week:

  • Stuart: technical support

Stuart has not yet spoken to Ryan (he was out of the office) but he will talk to him after the call.

  • Diane: NSDL Meeting presentation and poster registration

The presentation proposal has been submitted, as has a poster proposal. The presentation proposal emphasizes the Registry's integration with international standards development. The poster proposal emphasizes contact with projects who could benefit from the Registry.

  • Stuart: Start on beginning user documentation

Stuart has started on some of the user documentation, and will put it on the wiki with links (rather than screenshots, for the moment)

2. New bits moved to the production version--Jon

3. Planning for the NSDL Annual Meeting

Stuart will talk to Diny about having a conversation with Lee about where the NSDL is going.