July 21, 2006

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Agenda and Notes, July 21, 2006

1. Possibilities for technical support? (Stuart)

Stuart had some conversation with Ryan about possibilities--there are some "boxes" in Seattle and at least one in Tucson. There have been issues with firewalls and up time in Tucson, so there are now plans afoot to monitor them more closely.

Action item: Jon will send Stuart an email about what he thinks would be the best option.

2. GEMEx meeting outcomes (Stuart)

  • Including any opportunities to speak to Diny about NSDL future proposals.

Stuart and Diny have schedule a call for this coming Tuesday. Stuart will write up the call for us.

3. Updates to Registry (Jon)

Jon has made a number of interface adjustments and has been working on some of the ordering and required fields problems, and adding some help. He thinks that before we show it to important groups (see below) we should make a better front page and find a reasonable way to provide a broad overview of the vocabularies. He mentioned a model by Danny Ayres that gave him some ideas.

Stuart suggested that we think about using the front page to help the clueless.

Stuart also suggested that we meet with the IEEE-LOM guys separately in Colima to discuss having them register some of their vocabularies.

Action item: Jon will send the URL of the Ayres model to the list.

4. Opportunities to show the Registry (Diane)

  • DC 2006 (the Registry WG)
    • Emphasize challenges (including versioning), deeper demo, modeling how complex changes happen (within versions)
    • Stuart and Joe will mock-up some evolution slides
    • Diane and Jon will talk about services
    • Action item: Diane will check in with Rachel on plans for that meeting
  • DC 2006 (paper presentation)
    • More basic approach for audience not proficient in registries
    • Who will present? Jon & Diane
  • NSDL Annual Meeting (proposed presentation and poster)
  • ALA Midwinter (LITA Standards IG)

5. Cancel next week's call, in favor of the following week.

Action item: Joe will put the policy document on next meeting agenda.