July 23, 2007

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Agenda and Notes, July 27, 2007

1. Short discussion of the DCMI documentation contract, with suggestions for the new Conference papers site (Jon & Diane)

  • Action Item: Jon and Stuart will work out the details on how to get Google Analytics set up for the conference papers site.

2. Update on the TERMS Proposal work (Stuart)

  • We need a tangible outcome for the project, probably something more generalized than use of our Registry. Maybe one thing would be use of the cookbook. Large vocabularies must have functional URLs, etc.
  • Budget: Alpha has been in touch with the OCLC person who has Stu's data.
  • Action Item: Diane will update Stuart on changes in her and Jon's base salaries, he will send the spreadsheet to Diane.

3. Update on the RDA Proposal work (Diane)

4. Registry move to commercial hosting (Jon)

  • Jon explained the reasoning behind moving to DreamHost, and what kinds of problems he's been having getting the site moved.

5. Stuart talked about the NSDL telecon he "attended" about the issues of cooperation between the Pathways and ASN to move forward on correlation etc. Stuart is working on the "correlation entity" using some of the NSDL records as examples to establish some way for use this for NSDL. He will write up the documentation and include pictures for the DC-Ed effort.

Next meeting is Wed. Aug. 1, 2007 at 8:00 Pacific/11:00 Eastern.