July 5, 2006

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Agenda and Notes, July 5, 2006

1. Need for better technical support for production Registry (highlighted by loss of power in Vestal last week) -- Jon

Some of the impetus for this is the need to get Jon off major sysadmin duties now that he needs to find other work to fill out his funding. Also, we need to find a mirror site and/or a place to serve it from the West Coast before Jon goes on vacation in mid-August.

Action item: Stuart will check with Ryan about the possibilities of space on one of the UW Research servers, or alternatively in Phoenix at JES&Co.

2. Review of Roadmap progress and priorities.

Diane gave two scenarios, one emphasizing services, the other broader registration functionality (schemas and APs). Agreed we should emphasize broader functionality, for DCMI in particular, while mocking up some of the service stuff to demonstrate at the NSDL meeting. Stuart suggested that we attempt to register the proposed Collections AP small vocabularies. Diane pointed out that we would need to have status display in the interface (and say we intend to output it in the RDF).

3. Feedback from Stuart subsequent to entering three GEM vocabularies

  • Important to have good help documentation
  • He had trouble editing the URIs after he'd entered them--was frustrating to have to delete it (he identified this as relatively trivial). Jon pointed out later that the "edit" button should allow him to do that.
  • Now entering the 21st Century Skills, which is very unevenly developed, and is finding that he is losing track of where he is while inputting. Finds himself longing for a hierarchical display. Diane pointed out that this is also something we need for search and browse results. Jon pointed out that actually these hierarchies aren't true hierarchies, but graphs. Problem is partially that SKOS really doesn't support that kind of structure well. Diane suggests that the problem of graphical representation might be something that we could bring up at the Registries WG meeting.

Stuart suggested that we ask Joe to come up with an example that we could use for alternative mock-ups of displays (Diane will talk to him about doing this for the WG meeting).

  • Stuart mentioned the problem that had come up where he had gotten stumped about how to add properties to his concepts. Diane pointed out that some of this was documentation, some is user interface issues.

Action item: Stuart will dig up the instructions we've sent to him about using the registry and begin some wiki documentation that Jon can link from the pages.

4. NSDL Annual Meeting presentation proposal:

Positioning NSDL in Broader Contexts: the NSDL Registry Project

Registries provide important functions for digital libraries, particularly where controlled vocabularies and web infrastructure meet. The NSDL Registry Project, completing its first year, brings together developing W3C and ISO standards, NSDL vocabulary development, and experience with research-level registries building internationally. As part of this presentation, Stuart Sutton, co-PI of the project, will discuss the new Simple Knowledge Organization Standard (SKOS), the basis of the NSDL Registry’s approach to controlled vocabularies. Diane Hillmann, co-PI, will discuss Registry services, the development strategy for the remainder of the project, and, with Jon Phipps, demonstrate the Registry itself. Time for discussion will explore how NSDL projects can use the Registry, and how they can begin to take advantage of this essential service.

5. Do we want a poster session as well?

Action Item: Diane will register us for both.