June 14, 2006

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Agenda and Notes, June 14, 2006

1. Question about temporary acceleration of burn rate for the summer--what do we need to tell NSF?

Action item: Diane will draft a note to Lee about this, and send to Stuart.

2. Review of RDF functionality (see Jon's email of 6/9/06)

Stuart had seen the RDF icons, and wondered whether the RDF was being generated from the data. There was a small problem with the GEM data, which had been input in the beta site, and still needs to be moved over.

Jon explained the problems he was having implementing the "cookbook" and Stuart suggested dropping a line to Alistair and/or Tom.

3. Review of notification specifications and list of actors

4. Comments on slides for Cornell presentation

Diane didn't get a chance to send these, but will do so after the meeting.