June 7, 2006

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Agenda and Notes, June 7, 2006

  • Review progress on tasks from May 24:
    • Joe's Task:
      • Versioning Writeup from Seattle discussion
  1. What is versioned {section incomplete}
    • Vocabulary encoding schemes are versioned
    • Each version has a referenceable snapshot
      • This snapshot can change without signaling a new version – in this case values may change – and if they do values are either current, deprecated, or historical… etc.
  2. Tracking versions
    • Versions are tracked by a link to documentation and a version identifier (which is embedded in value-record metadata).
  3. Structure of versioning
    • Versioning happens at two levels: the assertion record in the registry AND at the documentation level that points to a vocabulary encoding scheme.
  4. Levels of conformance with this policy
    • Vocabulary encoding schemes are not required to change versions when they are updated.
    • By default all vocabulary encoding schemes will be Version 1 and be referenceable snapshots of those. It will be an editor’s responsibility to make a decision about versioning and creating documentation for versions.
    • Help and rationale for documentation and versioning will be added (Joe to write rationale and how-to version guide).

Therefore there are two levels of conformance: (1) Minimal (2) Complete, where Minimal conformance where all assertions in the vocabulary encoding scheme in the registry are current, and where Complete includes linked documentation and version numbering in value records).

Action: Jon will copy over the NSDL Resource Type Vocabulary into a new test vocabulary for Stuart ("Stuart's Test Vocabulary")

Jon went through what he's been doing for the past few weeks.

    • Stuart's Tasks
      • GEM vocabularies?

Stuart ran into trouble using the beta version of the registry, so we worked through the first steps.

Other topics:

  • Jon and Diane will be doing a presentation on the Registry on June 16. Can we make the beta version public by then? Does anyone want to see the slides? (Diane will distribute slides before the presentation)
  • Jon briefly described the current issues around defining a subdomain that is strictly for URIs. The conclusion was that we should use http://URI.metadataregistry.org.