Mar. 15, 2006

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Agenda and Notes, Mar. 15, 2006

1. Upcoming timelines/deadlines:

  • End of April: UB/Registry meeting in Seattle
    • Jon will set up for Wednesday, Apr. 26 with Ryan & Damon
    • Diane will set up agendas for Thurs. (Diny) and Fri. (Joe)
    • Jon will stay to observe the UB meetings on Sat. & Sun., we should talk about doing a demo for the UB
  • Registry paper--Diane will circulate first draft by COB Tuesday the 14th
    • Stuart will read and comment, maybe fill in some missing pieces
    • Diane will finish graphic and send around
  • Diane and Jon will present on the Registry at Cornell in mid-May
  • After Seattle meeting Jon will shift gears towards the MMS for much of the summer

2. Report by Jon on progress with the new server

  • Work going well, stuff will be available soon

3. Report by Stuart:

  • Diny's meetings in Washington
  • Funding statuses (IMLS, NEA, etc.)
  • New proposal

4. Makx's note of this morning on strategic activities and APs (related to no. 1 above)

  • Diane will reply to Makx and draft a reply for Stuart to vet.