May 21, 2007

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Agenda & Notes, May 21, 2007

1. Singapore DC2007 continued ...

  • Registries Community: Do we have anything we want to discuss/expose at that meeting? How can we support Emma as she moderates that meeting?
  • DC-Ed Community: Stuart wants to add an agenda item about the correlation entity he's working on. Should we include some of that in the DC-Ed application model?
    • Libraries AP reflects MARC view of the world, does not do what RDA work will attempt. DC-Ed has also been conceived as flat, but we agreed that we should move into a description set model. Need to express degrees of fit and "authority," also with pedagogy. Stuart pointed out that the new encodings (status unknown) should be able to handle that expression.

Action item: Stuart will make a stab at a domain model.

2. Licensing

Action item: Stuart will make a recommendation.

3. Conference and educational proposals to DCMI

  • Much of this fits in with the work Jon and Diane are doing with their contract for review of the DCMI Website. If we share some of that work with Joe and Stuart, would that help with a proposal? Diane has started some text on this, but hasn't gotten very far--should we convert it to a Google Doc and see what we can do?

4. Next week's meeting

  • Monday is a holiday, can we do Tuesday instead? Will do Tuesday an hour before (10 Eastern, 7 Pacific).