May 24, 2006

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Agenda and Notes, May 24, 2006

  • Differences between Metadata Schemas and Application Profiles:
    • Metadata Schemas are sets of terms and definitions thereof (like a vocabulary)
    • Application Profiles use terms from schemas, and descriptions of usage, without being able to change definitions or create new terms
      • AP has no control over the governance of the schema used
  • Review UB meeting progress. Questions:
    • Should we move ahead to specify vocabularies/properties for Metadata Schemas and Application Profiles (using our best guess of UB will come up with)?
    • Should we then register these properties as ours, and prepare to crosswalk to the UB set when that becomes possible? What's the downside of doing this?
    • If we don't do this, what are our options for continuing to develop the Registry?
      • Diane will distribute a spreadsheet suggesting some properties we might register
    • Aren't we just creating an application profile of an application profile? (for which we'll need repeatability)

Consensus: We will register the first three (agents, top level vocabs, vocabulary extras) and see whether Tom is okay with us being the bleeding edge.

  • Review of Issues we might want to bring up with SKOS
    • Our versioning policy? (as discussed in Seattle, but not really written up very well yet)
    • Sources of definitions?
    • Status
    • What else?

Consensus: Joe will write up the discussion on versioning, for the SKOS list, as well as something shorter for the other two topics.

  • Review Timetables and deliverables for the remainder of the summer