Nov. 1, 2006

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Agenda and Notes, Nov. 1, 2006

1. Agenda review (it's been a while since we've had a telecon, so I want to make sure everything we need to talk about is reflected here, even if we don't get to it all)

2. Leftover issues from DC2006

  • How do we represent reviews of application profiles in the registry?

Some of this depends on what we come up with as an annotation strategy, but as a short term implementation we could provide a URL on the top level registration page. Related to strategies for supporting vocabulary development.

  • Need Registry blog posts to update some of our work on versioning (Jon & Joe) Jon has created a new page that he will add pictures to and write a blog post about.

3. Backup for the production server (we had another power outage just before the NSDL AM)

  • Where are we on this, and what else needs to be done?

Action item: Stuart will check with Ryan on getting a server set up so that Jon can set up a server. Jon will resend the mail with the correct versions. Jon wants to set up an intermediary that will route users to whichever server is up.

4. Update on discussions for new NSDL proposal

  • Was the two-pager sufficient? [Stuart says yes]
  • What are our next steps?

Stuart will see Diny on Monday, will talk about speaking specifically to Lee about a possible proposal. Diane will try and set up a call with Karen Henry to try and figure out what she thinks the needs are for the Pathways and the projects that are not being met at this stage. There's a question about whether or not CI's strategy is still operative, e.g., not running a library, putting the Fedora-in-a-Box out and bowing out.

5. DC-Ed update

  • Nominated Sarah Currier for co-chair (sent requested info to Makx)
  • Need to distribute meeting minutes & update website

Action item: Stuart will put them up and send links. Diane will update the website.

  • Who is owner of our JISCmail list?

Stuart is listed as owner, he will ping Pete about changing owner.

6. Diane thinks we should add some of the documents and discussions from the DC2006 Registry WG discussion to the wiki and the blog. We need to do a better job of marketing our work.

Diane mentioned that she will be in Seattle for ALA at the end of January, and suggested that as a good time for a project meeting.