Nov. 12, 2007

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Telecon Agenda & Notes, Monday, Nov. 12, 2007

  1. News from the NSDL Annual Meeting (Jon & Stuart)
    • Jon talked to Dean K. and reported that they were getting bridge funding until the solicitation for continuing funding is out. The Asst. Dir. for Education for NSF did one of the programs, and said that they had a TF evaluating "next steps" for the NSF digital library activities. She thought initially that this would be a small focused TF, but the Cyberinfrastructure people came in on the TF, and things got complicated. They still are working on a charge for this group. [Jon will continue these notes.]
    • DLESE is defunct, and it's not clear what will continue of their work. Jon sat with some of the people working on their continuing standards efforts and passed on some of what he heard about their ASN criticisms. Queries return the path up from that leaf, but not down (partly so that others could not reconstruct the entire database). Discussion indicated that there apparently seemed to be much continuing misunderstanding of ASN and its goals. Jon reported that the projects were complaining about having to download all the data, but Stuart reported that they all wanted to do it despite ASN's concerns.
    • There's now a new cataloging system based on DLESE's cataloging tool, replacing the Collection Registration System, but has been completely rewritten, using the NSR as its data source. The guy who rewrote the DLESE system was unaware of iVia, GEMCat, DC-Dot. The new interface only understands qualified DC (the NSDL flavor), others are stored as blobs. They are now using the "new" vocabularies designed by Katy & Co.
    • Stuart said that Diny asked about why they weren't using the Registry, and Katy said that they had long term plans to do so ("cold spell in hell").
    • Jon said that the presentation on "Using the NDR" was packed, and there was a lot of discussion on the new tools, and teachers submitting data (via a UCAR project with the Denver school district). He talked to one of the developers about using the Registry for the "new" NSDL schema (either as a schema or AP), to Katy on registering the new vocabularies and encouraging other NSDL projects in the same direction.
    • Jon had a conversation with Tim about the new NDR, which doesn't ingest or output RDF, and can't use URIs because they're set to use strings only.
    • Stuart reported on Diny's conversation with Lee, which focused on the ASN (which is no longer being funded by NSDL). Lee was following up with NSF staff, looking for a way forward. Stuart will be talking to her again today and will report back.
  2. Request for feedback on SKOS proposal (Jon)
    • Jon asks for more feedback on his proposal, before discussion is pushed on the SKOS list.