Nov. 29, 2006

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Agenda and Notes, Nov. 29, 2006

1. Reviews of action items (and nags)

  • Progress on Registry blog posts on activity at DC2006? (Jon, Joe, Stuart)

Stuart has written some materials but he's not ready to share it yet. Jon says he can get something up pointing to his versioning stuff, needs to add some RDF yet. Joe is collaborating with Stuart.

  • Mirror and intermediary (Stuart & Jon)

Stuart: one little problem yet, weather problems have prevented getting things finished.

  • Diane cannot report on whether DC-Ed reports in PDF were linked properly, DCMI web rebuild has been postponed!

2. Updates on discussions for new NSDL proposals

  • Stuart: Diny, Gillian & Lee--anything new?

Stuart: Have had conversations with Gillian, and she has proposed that we do an international workshop, will go to Lee for help with funding. They are looking for possibilities for where to have it, maybe Hawaii. They are hoping to meet with Lee right after Christmas for both pieces.

  • Diane: will report on preliminary proposal to library.

Diane & Jon sent a preliminary proposal to the Library to build the MMS for their large-scale digitization project. This would provide some funding for the remainder of the year for Jon half time and Diane quarter time.

    • From the last notes: "Two things going on: combining to get themselves physically in front of Lee. Diny's friend Gillian is head of the Australian Learning Federation and is very interested in the same things we are, so they're trying to take ASN international. Diny asked Lee if there were any other organizations in other countries NSF was already working with (or wanted to work with), and Lee jumped in it. He has some money for workshops. As soon as there is more info from Gillian they will make their appointment to see Lee, and combine this with our metadata ideas and see what direction we can get from Lee. Stuart already has our briefing paper, and he thinks that perhaps we should reframe the opening paragraph to say:
    • given the fact that Fedora implementation is nearing completion, and that primary services that have not yet been defined as services would need to be defined going forward (loose threads). Fedora is the enabling technology but more concrete work on services is still needed
    • Old Action item: Diane will start the paragraph and send to Stuart." (not done)

Action item: Diane will give to Stuart by Friday.

3. Technical issues:

  • Wiki was spammed--what are we doing to prevent another attack? (Jon)

Jon fixed the problem flag that should have prevented anonymous postings.

4. Documentation:

    • Action item: Diane will move those links to our wiki and Joe will add more if he wishes.

5. Jon reported that he'd been invited to join the W3C Semantic Web Deployment WG, and already has editing responsibilities. Diane has sent the information on this to the library's email list and to Carol Minton-Morris for the NSDL White Board Report.