Oct. 12, 2005

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  • Determine whether the Use Cases are necessary and sufficient for the Registry project
    • Are we in substantial agreement to change the policy regarding organization registration as Stuart suggests (and the relevant use cases)?

Action item: Diane will fix to reflect change in strategy.

    • Next Steps: Community review? Requesting comments on cases and requirements would be a good start on getting our community involved.

Action item: Jon and Ryan will set up a different wiki on the public Registry pages, we will link from the CommPortal to there.

    • How about Functional Requirements? [Diane thinks that these will be equally important as we speak to our stakeholders next month.]

We should set a date (Nov. 1) for when the documents are ready for announcement. Also we should work on the survey and try to get some folks to take it before the meeting (and some after). Action item: Stuart will set up wiki for the questions. Action item: Jon will look at external user

  1. Logistics for Friday meeting
    1. Thursday
      1. Stuart & Ryan arrive Thursday evening (Econo Lodge; 2303 N. Triphammer (607) 257-1400 RD)
    2. Friday (all day work meeting) Agenda
      1. Driving instructions to Diane's house
      2. Start at 9:00?
      3. Lunch & Dinner at Diane's? (If you'd rather go out for dinner let me know--lots of options)
    3. Saturday
      1. Ryan depart Syracuse at 10:00am Saturday
      2. Stuart departs Syracuse at 5:40pm Saturday
  2. The Annual meeting: who needs to be there, what other preparation do we need?