Oct. 22, 2007

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Teleconference Agenda and Notes, Oct. 23, 2007

  1. Report of Amsterdam meeting of W3C SWDWG (Jon)
    • Jon is concerned that some of the more recent decisions will not be useful for us as implementers. Many of the issues are holdovers from the previous working group, with opinions split between theoreticians and practical implementers. The alternatives proposed by the theoreticians seem much more complex than the one Jon was supporting. Much of the concern lies with the issue of accommodating existing vocabularies that are problematic in SKOS but can already be expressed in RDF.
    • Example is when we look at a label as a term rather than a label, and we attach notes about where it comes from, these notes are as much about the term as the concept. This allows more than one person to relate a term with a concept, by allowing relationships to be "owned" and managed. Ergo, nobody owns the concepts, but the descriptions, labels, etc. can be managed as vocabularies.
    • Because there's a relationship between terms and concepts, what's used when describing resources can be either, depending on whether you use URIs for the term or the concept. This approach gives us more flexibility but still compliant with SKOS.
    • Jon is also concerned that they are intending to deprecate "skos:inScheme" as a way to avoid 'containment'. This came up at the end of the meeting but didn't get into the meeting notes. There hasn't been much discussion about it, and Jon will suggest that some other RDF collection property should be used.
  2. Upcoming NSDL Annual Meeting
    • Stuart will not be going to the meeting though he will be doing a poster and slides for others.
    • ACTION ITEM: Diane will contact Kate to tell her that she won't be attending, will try and query about what's up
    • ACTION ITEM: Stuart will craft an email to Lee about the state of NSDL metadata
  3. DC Registry Community TF
    • Diane reported on Emma's proposal to the AB, which will be going out soon
  4. Joe and Stuart's article will be showing up in the January issue ASIST.
  5. Jon reported briefly on the state of the DCMI website and documentation tenders