Oct. 5, 2005

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Teleconference, Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2005

1. What do we need to get accomplished before and at our F2F meeting? From our Monday agenda:

Immediate next steps in preparation for meeting in Ithaca:

  1. Completion of first iteration of draft Use Cases Action item: Agreed Diane will have initial iteration done by next Wed. meeting
  2. We discussed briefly the new cases and whether adding/changing relationships should be broken out; decided it might be contextual.
* Begin work on RDF resource modeling
    * Agent class (stemming from Use Cases)
     * Organizations
     * Maintainers
     * Registry Managers
     * System Administrator
     * Visitor
     * Registered User
     * Organization Contact 
* SKOS (working vocabulary representation)
    * Concept Schemes
    * Concepts
        ##Modelling versions

F2F meeting:

  1. Roles for all parties defined better, so we can make best use of individual capabilities and skills
  2. Tasks and dependencies set up so that we don't get stymied by duelling priorities, etc.
  3. Determining what triggers a new version, also requirements for semantic understanding--what are the policy questions? The implications?
  4. Use cases are focusing on project start, but we should attempt to flesh out where we want to go second year (Action item: Stuart will add use cases for Application Profiles)
  5. Triage in terms of which functions the most important for 'success' --leading to roadmap of the entire two years specifying which functions nice to have but less important, etc.
  6. Action item: Diane will ask DLESE and ENC for vocabularies we can put into SKOS/OWL as well as NSDL vocabularies (GEM).