Proposed Project Survey

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Proposed Survey Questions

Before taking the survey, respondents should read:

General Use Case Information

NSDL Registry Use Cases (Vocabularies)

NSDL Registry Functional Requirements


I. Current Vocabulary Use

  • a. Are you currently using controlled vocabularies to assist in describing your materials?

If no, go to the next section.

  • b. If yes, what kinds of vocabularies are you using?
  1. Subject/Topic
  2. Type
  3. Format
  4. Other [Explain]
  • c. If yes, please describe the specific vocabularies you use.
  • d. If yes, how do you update your instance metadata when terms change?
  1. We don't update terms at all.
  2. We update terms when we run across problems or become aware of changes.
  3. We monitor term changes in our chosen vocabularies and have a process to update terms.
  4. Other [Explain]
  • e. Do you currently use and maintain a project specific vocabulary? If yes, please describe the vocabulary.

II. Prospective Vocabulary Use

  • a. Given a registry as described in the Use Cases and Functional Requirements, how would your project use the registry?
  1. As a source to discover vocabularies developed by others that we can use to describe our materials
  2. As a way to expose vocabularies that we've developed for others to use
  3. As a tool to maintain vocabularies that we've developed in a more standard manner
  4. As a tool to assist us in maintaining terms we already use
  5. As a tool to allow us to map other vocabulary terms to ours (or vice versa)
  • b. If your project chose to maintain vocabularies within the registry,

would you consider using output from the registry to maintain:

  1. A webpage
  2. Project specific metadata creation tools
  3. Updating processes for instance metadata
  4. Other [Explain]
  • c. Would your project consider registering your use of a particular vocabulary in order

to receive notifications of updates and changes?

  • d. If you answered 'yes' to question I.e., and you're considering using the NSDL Registry for your vocabulary, would you be interested in receiving reports indicating who else might be using your vocabularies?
  • e. If you answered 'yes' to question I.e., what kind of input mechanisms would you prefer the registry to provide for you to enter your vocabulary?
  1. Term by term manual entry via webform
  2. Batch load capability for specified standard files
  3. Other [Explain]
  • f. If batch loading capabilities were available to you, would you use them to maintain your files?
  • g. What level of staff do you anticipate would be involved in vocabulary updating?
  1. Professional librarians
  2. Technical staff
  3. Clerical staff
  4. Other [Explain]
  • h. What kind of training/support would you or your staff need to feel comfortable becoming a vocabulary maintainer?
  1. Workshop(s)
  2. Written instructions
  3. Tutorials
  4. Help system
  5. Other [Explain]