Revised Tasks & Milestones

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Draft Revised Tasks and Milestones


Year 1:

Jan. 31

  1. Determine database technology and development language (Jon)
  2. Implement main storage databases for MMS and Registry (Jon)

Feb. 28

  1. Implement User/Agent registration (Jon) Task Detail
  2. Implement Vocabulary description registration (Jon)
  3. Set up workflow to associate vocabulary descriptions and schemes (Jon & Diane)

Mar. 30

  1. Build interface prototypes (search, browse, display) and develop initial feedback loop on prototypes (Jon)
  2. Determine needs for SKOS information in an editing interface (Diane & Stuart)
  3. Define validation steps (Diane & Stuart)
  4. Build interface prototypes (create, update) and develop initial feedback loop on prototypes (Jon)
  5. Implement creation/updating of terms (Jon)

For May-August 2006, see the Roadmap

Year 2:

Oct. 2006 (+12):

  1. Evaluate and install helpdesk application for registry (Jon)
  2. Develop flash movie/screencast for building APs (Diane & Jon)

Nov. 2006

  1. Develop requirements for community gathering around vocabularies (Jon, Diane & Stuart)

Annual Meeting, Nov. 2006

(+13 mos.): Demonstrable system:

  1. End user search and display
  2. Creation of hosted vocabularies within system
  3. Registration of simple schema
  4. Flash movie/screencast for building AP