Sept. 13, 2006

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Agenda & Notes, Sept. 13, 2006

1. Changes to the Registry interfaces (Jon)

Jon discussed some of the changes he was working on that he and Diane had discussed earlier in the week. These changes should have the effect of tightening up the interface choices a bit. A front page and new About page will also be added.

2. New Registry features and/or bug fixes (Jon)

Most of the work involves improving registration of agents so that maintainers can be registered and linked properly.

3. The versioning discussion on paper for pre-WG distribution (Joe & Stuart)

Discussion about how this would work in action, given that the abstraction in the pictures seems to be correct. The biggest stumbling block seemed to be the way to follow the SKOS model and still enable management of vocabularies at the concept-instance level.

There was also some discussion about mapping, and how that relates to concepts and concept-instances. Expressing a concept as output, should be the concept URI, the instance URIs and the date when it was first expressed.

4. Registering Schema and AP properties (Diane)

  • A spreadsheet was distributed before the meeting

5. Timetables for DC2006 draft presentation slides for review

  • Paper presentation (9/20)
  • WG demo and presentation (9/22)

6. The Project page

  • Is woefully out of date
  • The blog is broken
  • Needs to be updated and beefed up before the DC and NSDL Annual meetings