Sept. 20, 2006

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Agenda & Notes, Sept. 20, 2006

1. Updates to Registry functionality (Jon)

Jon is working on new stuff but was delayed by the failure of the Mac Laptop this week. New changes will be moved to the regular URL before Mexico. He will throw up a front page based on Diane's text.

2. Versioning paper for distribution (Stuart)

Stuart hopes to have something ready to distribute by early in the week. Slides and such will be worked on until the last minute.

3. Paper presentation slides (Diane) [slides have been distributed via the list, please look!]

Stuart had a general comment, wants to have up front the schemas. Need more clarity about uses around slide 11. Might be good to use "managing change" for the general; versioning for the specific only.

4. DC-Ed meetings

Stuart suggested we might solicit a co-chair from the IEEE LOM community. Diane will moderate the special session, and Stuart the regular WG meeting. Stuart will bring handouts for the AP discussion.

5. Diane has finished the Schema registration properties and will complete the AP Properties by the end of the week.

Next meeting tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, same time.