Sept. 21, 2005

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Agenda and Notes for Telecon, Sept. 21, 2005

1. The Blog (Diane): it's not clear how we can integrate other bloggers without necessarily giving them permissions on the site that we don't want them to have. There was interest in participating in Madrid, and I'd like to be able to get people in there blogging before they forget their interest.

  • a. There's still a floating scrollbar in the middle of the right side menu on a Mac using Firefox: is that a bug we should report to the developers?
  • b. The blog doesn't show up unless I'm logged in. Can this be changed so it's there for everyone to read and comment?

Ryan will set up the blog so that we can invite people to register, allow all to discuss and some to post, (and Jon and I to edit). Also will allow all to read and put a link on the front page.

2. Dates for F2F meeting (Diane): we might be able to schedule a meeting with Jack Bradbury around this meeting as well.

Stuart will check and see if we close to being funded, then look at the week of Oct. 10. More stuff will be worked on before then.

3. What we took away from the registry meetings and discussions (Diane):

  • a. Everyone else is working on the schema side, but we're proposing to work on the vocabulary side first
  • b. There was a general consensus that one huge issue that we're all thinking about is versioning--I'm thinking we need to deal with this early, as it affects everything we do
  • c. Another issue that floated to the top was "incentives"--how to get people to register AND keep maintaining what they've done. This relates very clearly to what we learned with the CRS. I believe we should consider how to get our users to use the registry as a tool to maintain their vocabularies, and provide ways for them to feed data back to their own sites and tools, as an incentive to maintain.
  • Light-weight rapid prototype in plone
  • Workflow (authorization/authentication discussion
  • d. Others?

Discussion about the DCMI Registry software: limited, doesn't scale, can't see a "view" of the schema. Consensus that we need to rethink much of what has been done on the schemas. We will write use cases that describe this (Jon & Diane).

Stuart wants to talk about some administration and workflow issues (authentication, etc.) before we have our F2F meetings. We may need a sandbox at some point, Ryan wants to try Zope/Plone, Jon is thinking that something based on Perl or PHP might be worth looking at. We need to talk more about what our distribution model is and whether we need to consider other scenarios.