Sept. 30, 2005

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Agenda and Notes for Telecon, Sept. 30, 2005

1. Updates from all parties on action items from the last meeting:

  • Action item: Ryan will set up the blog so that we can invite people to register, allow all to discuss and some to post, (and Jon and I to edit). Also will allow all to read and put a link on the front page.
    • Blog now visible from front page when not logged in
    • New Action Item: Ryan will enable autorization and Diane will be the authorizer. Diane will write up plan for invitees and run by the rest before doing.
  • Action item: Stuart will check and see if we close to being funded, then look at the week of Oct. 10 for a F2F meeting at Cornell (or thereabouts)
    • Cornell paperwork almost completed--form moving admin from CS to Library done on Friday; accounts set up already
    • Logistics for that meeting? Do we need formal meeting space? [Probably not]
    • New Action Item: Stuart will try for Oct. 14-15.
  • Action item: Jon & Diane will write use cases

[Discussion] Some concern about how we protect ourselves around unauthorized users and the order in which users register and create data in the system. We may want to shift the first use case (and no. 12) to reflect that concern. Other controls to assure that maintainers are authorized to act on behalf of organizations may be put in place later.

2. Continuing discussion on technical infrastructure

  • Determine best balance of Zope/Plone convenience and desire to generalize software for others (probably at a later time)
  • Plone sandbox? What should it include?

[Action] Conversation will be continued on Monday at Noon PSC and 3:00 EDT.

Stuart: As much as possible we need to look at RDF technologies (since that's what we've promised NSF).

3. What do we need to get accomplished before and at our F2F meeting?

    • Diane suggests a much more cooperative model of agenda development for that meeting!