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MMS and Registry tasks

Current sprint (Due May 31)

  • Get database setup *Done*
  • Setup Model in MySQL Manager
  • Setup test framework

Implement User registration

See: General Use Case Information

  • Create User table *Done*
  • Create Groups/Roles table
  • Create user registration interface *Done*
  • Create user login interface *Done*
  • Create User Admin interface(restricted access)

Implement Agent registration

See: NSDL_Registry_Use_Case_Documentation_(Vocabularies)#Use_Case_1:_A_Visitor_wishes_to_register_an_Organization

  • Create Agent table *Done*
  • Create Agent registration interface *done*
  • Create Agent List interface *Done*
  • Needs refinement:
    Make distinct Agent registration interface for Organizations & Individuals

Implement Vocabulary registration

See: NSDL_Registry_Use_Case_Documentation_(Vocabularies)#Use_Case_2:_Maintainer_Enters_a_Full_Vocabulary_Description

  • Create generic Resource table (Can be used for basic Vocabulary, Schema, and Application Profile registration) *done*
  • Create Vocabulary registration interface *done*
  • Create Vocabulary List interface *done*

Server Tasks

  • Setup Linux (RHEL4), MySQL 5.0, PHP 5.1.2, Symfony framework, install registry software *Done*
  • Setup subversion repository *Done*
  • Setup trac *Done*
  • Make available at metadataregistry.org