Tasks and Milestones

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Tasks and Milestones

These tasks and milestones were determined at the F2F Meeting of 10/14/05 and are the basis for first year tasks. This 'Road map', is for internal consumption and WILL evolve as time passes and experiences teaches us what we need to know.

For more detailed information see the Roadmap


Year 1:

Nov. 30:

  1. Determine data store and RDF Libraries (Ryan & Jon)
  2. Set up 'sandbox' for initial ingest testing (with Oknam's vocabularies) (Ryan & Jon)
  3. Test queries on ingested data (Ryan & Jon)
  4. Determine needs for management information about Agents and Vocabulary Descriptions (Diane & Stuart)
  5. Draft versioning policy (Diane & Stuart)

Dec. 31

  1. Implement Agent registration (Ryan & Jon)
  2. Implement Vocabulary description registration (Ryan & Jon)
  3. Set up workflow to associate vocabulary descriptions and schemes (Jon & Diane & Ryan)

Jan. 31

  1. [Begin to involve Betatest Partners]
  2. Build interface prototypes (search, browse, display) and develop initial feedback loop on prototypes (Jon & Ryan)
  3. Determine needs for SKOS information (Diane & Stuart)
  4. Define validation steps (Ryan & Stuart)

Feb. 28

  1. Build interface prototypes (create, update) and develop initial feedback loop on prototypes (Jon & Ryan)
  2. Define notification workflow, text, rules (Diane & Jon & Ryan), including pending action notification (Ryan)

Mar. 30

  1. Implement creation/updating of terms (Jon & Ryan)

Apr. 30

  1. Implement and test notification (Diane & Jon)
  2. Define complete Registry Administrator functionality (Diane & Jon)

July 30

  1. Define schema registration workflow/data requirements (Stuart & Diane)
  2. Build Registry administrator interface prototypes (Jon)

Aug. 30

  1. Build interface prototype (create, update) for schemas and develop initial feedback loop (Jon)

Year 2:

Oct. 2006 (+12):

  1. Build interface prototype (create, update) for application profiles and develop initial feedback loop (Jon)
  2. Develop flash movie/screencast for building APs (Diane & Jon)

Nov. 2006

  1. Develop requirements for community gathering around vocabularies (Jon, Diane & Stuart)

Annual Meeting, Nov. 2006 (+13 mos.): Demonstrable system:

  1. End user search and display
  2. Creation of hosted vocabularies within system
  3. Registration of simple schema
  4. Flash movie/screencast for building AP