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NSDL Registry

Timeline of Work:

Year 1

  1. Install software, configure at Cornell for initial use by NSDL and GEM Exchange research and development site at the University of Washington.
  2. Initiate NSDL stakeholder discussion and recruitment through the NSDL Communication Portal and through the NSDL Whiteboard Report immediately upon award.
  3. Coordinate with other NSDL initiatives actively canvassing NSDL projects on metadata matters (e.g., Achievement Standards Network) to identify additional stakeholders and schemes and schemas for inclusion in the registry.
  4. Hold a stakeholder meeting at NSDL Annual Meeting in Denver to introduce the registry project and solicit additional participation in online discussions throughout the development phase of the registry.
  5. Initiate discussion of registry use cases with NSDL participants on the NSDL Communications Portal where discussion of vocabulary development is ongoing.
  6. Solicit feedback from identified stakeholders throughout the development period.
  7. Identify beta test partners in the projects to work with the research team on testing the training and tutorial materials in year two of the project.
  8. Develop administrative interfaces for internal production use, and requirements for the external user interface. The administrative interface would support import of standard data, data entry, and data editing and maintenance by authorized and authenticated users as part of the Phase 1 Administrative Implementation described above.
  9. In coordination with the work on the Phase 1 Administration Implementation, begin the adaptation of the CORES metadata generation tool specifications to the NSDL registry as part of the Phase 2 Administration Implementation.
  10. Develop and add RDF schemas for registering human and machine readable vocabularies and member terms, XML schemas, crosswalks and application profiles.
  11. Add specific instances of schemas, schemes, application profiles, and crosswalks including at least one of each type of knowledge organization system to be supported.

Year 2:

  1. The librarian to be hired for the second year will work with the NSDL and GEM Communities to register their relevant documents and terms. This task would include identification of appropriate materials, at least one training workshop for NSDL participants, and development of a plan and timeline for addition of identified vocabularies and associated materials.
  2. Assist in building term crosswalks where needed and register all available crosswalks.
  3. Test and document an interface for submission and maintenance of vocabulary terms by external authorized and authenticated users as set out in Phase 1 Administrative Implementation.
  4. Test and document the schema generation tools for use by authenticated users as set out in Phase 2 Administrative Implementation.
  5. Complete documentation for all aspects of the registration and maintenance process.
  6. Prepare training and tutorial materials for vocabulary registration and maintenance activities.
  7. Test the training and tutorial materials with the beta test partners identified in year one and refine the materials accordingly.
  8. Conduct a ½ day Registry Workshop in conjunction with the NSDL 2006 Annual Meeting using the beta test partners.