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XC Planning Archive Page

Stage I: Enabling XC use of MMS software

See: Re-Implementing the MMS for one scenario

What we have now

Collection Registration Service
  • Function: Register and describe Collections, DC metadata editor, OAI harvest manager, metadata cache browser
  • Technology: PHP/MySQL
OAI harvester
  • Function: harvest OAI data, driven by cron
  • Technology: Perl
Safe Transforms Service
  • Function: gather harvested data, transform & clean, insert into database
  • Technology: Java/Tomcat
Metadata Repository (cache)
  • Function: Shred and store Qualified DC XML (other formats stored as text blobs)
  • Technology: Oracle 9i, PL/SQL
OAI Server
  • Function: Serve OAI
  • Technology: Java (custom version of OAIcat from OCLC)

Main Decision Points

  1. Determine functional requirements
  2. Refactor Collection Registry to Service Registry
  3. ReBuild repository database
    • Determine what database to use
    • Rewrite database interfaces
  4. Rewrite OAI Harvester/Server software
  5. Write Round-trip service management
  6. Write error handling and notification