Aug. 10, 2005

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Teleconference Agenda and Notes: August 10, 2005

1. Reports from all

Diane reported on conversations she's begun with CS and the Library about administering the grant; so far it looks like CS will be administering the the Cornell grant. Stuart spoke about the graduate student we will have beginning in the end of September, Oknam Park, who can help with setting up vocabularies in RDF. Jon talked about what needs to be done to clean up his "little mess" and the wiki installation.

2. Discussion of process and responsibilities for scheduling, agendas, notes, etc.

Should we schedule every week at the same time and reschedule when necessary? Answer: Yes, everyone likes this, and the time Wed., 2:00 Eastern/11:00 Pacific, for an hour and a half.
Do we need a "designated nagger" for agenda items? Yes, Diane will do that for now, but not forever!
Should we rotate note taking? Diane will take first stab at notes, with the clear expectation that others will review, add and revise very quickly after the telecon.
Who will initiate calls? Will we use regular teleconference or "manual" teleconferencing? Stuart will continue with the manual initiation, with Ryan taking that role when Stuart is traveling.

3. Discussion of wiki organization: is it okay, what about the main page? Who are we, anyway? Answer: So far, so good. Some specifics were discussed, which Diane will carry through on. Stuart will begin to upload documentation.

4. Discussion of Task List Draft

Draft has mega-list with responsibilities added--does this make sense, or should we each have our own? Stuart suggested some top level task categories, which will be added to as needed. Diane will revise the list with these.
Currently the Task List is linked from the project page--does that make sense, or should it be cross-project? Answer: seems okay for now.

5. Other topics?

We discussed whether to use the CommPortal vocabularies workspace and list for this work, but decided that the audience for each might be decidedly different, with some overlap. Diane will request a Registry workspace and set up a list, and we will discuss next time how and when to announce it.
There was some discussion about the CRS and what was needed to promote that work as we write new proposals. Jon has done one new screencast and has others almost done. This is in addition to the screencast Jon and I did for the COLIS5 workshop.

One issue was a new name: we agreed tentatively on Metadata Management System (MMS or MeMaS?). Stuart would like Jon and Diane to write him an elevator speech, and he will view the screencasts in order to familiarize himself with the system prior to beginning a draft.