Aug. 30, 2006

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Agenda and Notes, August 30, 2006

1. Most of the meeting will be devoted to discussion of Stuart & Joe's new model for maintaining concept history.

Stuart: comforting to note that no one argued with our point that it's a problem, most of the commenters came up with a solution similar to what we're suggesting.

Joe: The suggestion to use "match" is very limited, and won't really suit our circumstances.

Stuart: Our implementation so far is based around the notion that we only know a concept by its relation to a scheme.

Diane: The difference is that we're looking at this as a concrete problem while those on the SKOS list seem to approach the problem in the abstract.

Stuart: The changes the UB has made in DC terms lately are a perfect example of non-semantic changes that must be managed.

Some discussion about Pete's comment about SKOS being not applicable to location. Action item: Diane will ask for clarification.

Action item: Stuart and Joe will continue to work on the document, to get something ready to distribute prior to Mexico. Stuart will be on vacation until the 9th, will go to Canada to work with Joe early the following week, with the aim of having something by the 15th.

Action item: Joe will respond to SKOS emails and ask for clarifications if necessary.