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DCMI Registry Community
Dublin Core Metadata Initiative
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DCMI Registry Community Projects

DCMI Registry Task Group


There are now many metadata registry projects in existence, under the aegis of groups such as the DCMI, TEL, NSDL, DART, and UKOLN, each of which has explored various aspects of registry development and use. Partially as a result of this work, there is renewed interest in learning from existing registry developments, and moving some aspects of the work forward together. For example, projects such as the Terminology Registry Scoping Study (TRSS) [1] aim to gain an overview of existing developments in this area and define common interests. It is felt that the DCMI Registry community is an important forum for this discussion.

This work is primarily designed to support knowledge sharing between initiatives with an interest in metadata schema registry work, and to address communication between established registries. This work focuses on metadata schema, vocabulary, and terminology registries.


The DCMI Registry Task Group will:

  • Develop a set of functional requirements common to current registries, based on the experience and findings of current registry implementers and stakeholders. As part of this, investigate the dissemination functionality considered desirable in a registry, and appropriate use cases associated with this functionality;
  • Draft a set of use cases for inter-registry interactions, taking into consideration interoperability concerns (reporting, notification, versioning, etc.) between registries and other applications sharing related goals;
  • Draft a set of functional requirements related to the inter-registry transfer language or languages, including interoperability concerns related to sharing information between registries and with other applications such as vocabulary management applications that share related aims.


  1. March-April 2008: Recruit/select Task Group members
  2. April 2008: Review existing Registry documentation
  3. May-July 2008: Data collection regarding use cases, first draft of functional requirements.
  4. Late Summer 2008(DC/ECDL/NKOS): Reporting back with findings, and gathering comments from implementers. At DC-2008 determine dissemination and publication of findings and recommendations, or further activity required prior to publication. Consultation with possible standards bodies will be explored as well.

Reports on TG activities and findings will be presented to the community via the Registry Community Wiki at the end of each phase of activity. Full discussion of the work and its further development will be planned for the DC-2008 meeting of the Community.

Chairs: Emma Tonkin and Diane Hillmann.


Adrian Dale of Creatifica
Christine Frodl of the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek
Mitsuharu Nagamori of the University of Tsukuba
Andrew Kitchen on behalf of BECTA
Kora Golub/Doug Tudhope of the TRSS project
Sally Chambers of the KB/The European Library
Jane Hunter of the University of Queensland
Ian McKinnell of the NHS

Working pages

Registry list - A list of developments that may arguably be considered metadata schema, terminology or ontology registries