Dec. 13, 2006

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Agenda & Notes, December 13, 2006

  1. The state of the Blog, etc. What are the tasks and priorities for getting the blog and public website moved and back up again?
    Blog trackback spam fix possibilities:
    1. Update the current software -- they added trackback preview and authorization in October 2005
      and work to get the current trackbacks out of the system
    2. Move the blog to WordPress software running on and copy the current entries into it.

Stuart will keep the site up until it can be pulled off for the new iteration.

  1. Report on Diane's lunch w/Karen Calhoun from the library.

The library is feeling to overwhelmed to consider a project to build an MMS for them as part of their digitization project, but are still interested in the NSDL grant. Marty will be delegated to work with us on the proposal.

  1. Discussions on DCAPs on the UB list--do we want to ramp up that discussion?

Stuart thinks we need to be more explicit about the authoring functionality we intend to provide, and the difference between "identification/declaration/publication" (as Pete says). Some of these problems can be seen in the DCMI handling of the recent changes in "Type" for instance.

  1. There was some discussion on the issues now in front of the DC Conference group. Jon suggested that the conference consider doing a video feed at a small charge, to keep the problems we had in Mexico from recurring.