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=====Owner/Maintenance Agency form screenshot & instructions.=====
=====Owner/Maintenance Agency form screenshot & instructions.=====
===What Next?===
==What Next?==

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The Open Metadata Registry provides services for discovery, use, and administration of metadata vocabularies and element sets.

For vocabulary maintainers, the registry provides a access points, a stable hosting service, and a range of management tools.

Use Cases

For more detailed information about common use cases, see: <ask format="ul"></ask>

User Registration

Who Should Register


The Sandbox

The registry sandbox is a non-production implementation of the registry software and can be used for testing the registry's features. Everything there works the same as in the live registry. We advise playing around a bit in the sandbox before trying anything on the real thing.

Navigation to registration form (try out the sandbox first).
Registration form screenshot & instructions.
Owner/Maintenance Agency form screenshot & instructions.

What Next?