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The Open Metadata Registry provides services for discovery, use, and administration of metadata vocabularies and element sets.


For vocabulary maintainers, the registry provides a access points, a stable hosting service, and a range of management tools.


Training Screencasts

1. Introduction to Vocabularies and Vocabulary Development [In development] 2. [Introduction to the Registry and its Services] 3. [Registry Policy Decisions for Implementation] 4. Using the Registry: Step-by-Step

   4a. [User Management Structure and Instruction]
   4b. Building Element/Property sets [In development]
   4c. Building Value Vocabularies [In development]

5. Managing Registered Vocabularies Over Time [In development]

The Sandbox

The registry sandbox is a non-production implementation of the registry software and can be used for testing the registry's features. Everything there works the same as in the live registry, except for the URIs (this avoids the temptation to use the sandbox as a substitute for the production-level registry). We advise playing around a bit in the sandbox before trying anything on the real thing.

Use Cases

For more detailed information about common use cases, see: <ask format="ul"></ask>

User Registration

Who Should Register


Navigation to registration form (try out the sandbox first).
Registration form screenshot & instructions.
Owner/Maintenance Agency form screenshot & instructions.

What Next?