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XC HUB Use Cases

OAI Harvester Use Cases

OAI Server Use Cases

Service Registry Use Cases

Use Case 1: A User wishes to register a Service

An XC project has a metadata service that they wish to register. and needs to register their organization and at least one Maintainer
Primary Actor
Visitor must be associated with the Organization


  1. Visitor accesses the Registry and initiates Organization Registration
  2. Visitor enters basic information about the organization -- Name, address, phone, domain (if available), URL, description, and enters self (and may designate others in addition) as organization contact by including name and email
  3. Visitor submits form and Registry sends confirmation email to all organizational contact(s).
  4. Registry asks if Visitor wishes to register as a Maintainer for that organization
  5. If yes, see Use Case 8
  6. Organization contact(s) responds to confirmation email, verifying email address(es)
  7. Registry assigns PURL to organization and stores organization info in database
  8. Registry notifies Registry Manager(s) that Organization has been added
Organization is registered. Visitor is now a Registered User and an Organization Contact associated with the registered organization.