Integration with RDA Online

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Integration with RDA Online

Application Profiles and RDA Online "workflows": are they interchangeable?

Key aspects of Application Profiles:

  • Specific information on properties used, including URIs for each
  • Requires a model of some kind to support relationships?
  • Cardinality for each property
  • Usage specifications for each property, including controlled vocabularies to be applied
  • Registry will provide XML Schema for APs, to support record creation and validation?
  • Questions:
    • Will Registry be able to import Workflows as simple APs?

Key aspects of RDA Workflows:

  • Allows selection of appropriate properties (question about whether FRBR relationships can be chosen as well? Or is there an assumption that the WEMI relationships are included as part of the property definition?)
  • Can be expressed in an XML schema, to support record creation and validation? What kind of XML schema is proposed?
  • Questions:
    • Do workflows include selection of controlled vocabularies, cardinality?
    • Do workflows carry information on the rules used? If so, how?
    • Will RDA Online support versioning of workflows? If so, will the registry support re-import?