July 16, 2007

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  1. Status of registry implementation--End: 9/30/07 (Report 10/1/07)
    • To be accomplished
      • history
        • 80% done
      • versioning
        • time-slice vocabulary and concept retrieval
        • named versions based on time-slice UI and retrieval
      • notification
        • RSS, Atom feeds and email
        • UI still needed
      • user management
        • 50% done
      • Import
        • SKOS, CSV, RDF Ontology
    • Not to be accomplished
      • Metadata Schema registration
      • Application Profile registration
    • Action Items:
      • Set up wiki template for the Final Report {Stuart}
      • Send Stuart an email with some suggestions for software license for the Registry {Jon}
      • Determine what license we should use so we can add add that to our site and specs {Stuart}
  2. Singapore
    • DC-Ed Community
      • AP modeling
        1. Inclusion of 'authority' (related issues)
        2. Will confirm that Mikael will be there and can discuss the issues of modularity, and whether the DC-Ed AP is a separate description or included in the resource description itself.
        3. Correlation as related resource
          • Use of conformsTo or a new standardCorrelation
      • Action Items:
        • Re-do model, simple case {Stuart}
        • Think about paper on what's lacking in terms of provenance of statements {All}
    • Registry Community
      • Action item: Jon will prompt Emma to come up with the Agenda
    • Advisory Board issues
      • Conference location
      • Conference proceedings and other publications
        1. Publication form for DCMI conference proceedings (online/print/CD)
        2. Use of the OJS for publishing proceedings(housed at University of Washington)
        3. Other publications
          • DCMI Occasional Papers
  3. Document/presentation inventory needed for Singapore
    • Proposal document for permanent publishing of DCMI conference proceedings using the OJS {Stuart & Joe}
    • Proposal document for ongoing publication of a new DCMI Occasional Papers series {Stuart}
    • Proposal document for DCMI conference venues (U.S. & Europe) with educational efforts in other regions {Diane & Stuart}
    • Presentation of correlation resource {Stuart}
    • Presentation on 'authority' in general(?){Diane & Jon}
    • Paper presentation {Diane}
  4. Other matters
    • Usage Board:
      • VES/SES {Stuart & Joe}
      • Shepherding the DCMES term changes {Diane}
      • ...